03 Types of Alt-Financing You Might Not Know

Are you looking for some capital to grow your small scale business or implement new initiatives? If yes, by now you must have got the idea that banks are not really helpful. Thankfully, they are not the only option available anymore. For a decade now, small and medium scale business owners can choose Alternative Finance over traditional lending systems and expand their businesses at a speed like never before.

Most of the renowned alt-finance companies like Cresthill Capital approve applications while focusing on the business model and the revenue stream instead of collateral. Also, for such type of funding, you do not have to possess a credit score as high as Everest. Apart from these, there are several other reasons such as easy approval, quick processing, etc. that make alternative financing much easier than traditional methods of financing.

So, here are three major types of alt-financing that you may have not heard of but are super helpful to boost your small or medium scale business:-

• Accounts Receivable Financing:

If your business generates invoices from clients, alt-finance companies like Cresthill Capital Reviews your receivables and will buy them, advance your business up to 90% of the receipt sum, gather the cash from your clients (sparing you the time and bother), and afterward discount the distinction back to your business.

It is as simple as that! Unlike banks, these organizations don’t provide funds on the basis of your credit or your organization’s accounting report but mainly focus around your clients’ quality in the repayment.

• Purchase Order Financing:

Does your business have client orders close by, yet not the working capital to fulfill or complete those requests? For such situations, alt-financing organizations like the Cresthill Capital can give capital advances dependent on these incomplete orders that are known as Purchase Orders Financing.

Here, the alternative financing organizations will propel your business money, in view of the amount of the buy request, to finish the activity or request. This way you get the required money to buy stock and supplies or even contract extra labor for work completion.

Whatever your business needs, this type of financing is an extraordinary method to utilize or use previously obtained business to get the capital your business needs to develop and expand.

• Merchant Cash Advance:

Many small and medium scale businesses like service organizations or retail activity, just by their nature, don’t create financial assets like the ones referenced previously. In any case, there are still ways that they can procure the required money to develop their business or to meet prompt funding needs.

Just in case your business accepts credit cards as installment from your clients, there are financing organizations that will propel your business capital against your FUTURE receipts.

According to some recent Cresthill Capital Reviews, there are several benefits of such type of financing like quick approval of the application, freedom of usage, flexible cost structures, and low repayment needs on the basis of a small percentage of your overall sales.

4 Types of Businesses You Can Boost With Alternative Lending

When it comes to the dreams of a small business owner, it literally has no limits. However, if you really wish to turn your business dreams come true, all you need is hard work, a smart approach, and definitely lots of money!

Now you must be wondering that while the first two things are simply qualities that you can deal with, the third is something that isn’t in your control, especially for small and medium scale business owners. In most of the cases, it is something that you might get access to with the help of an external source.

So basically, apart from brainstorming ideas, managing employees, and convincing new customers, managing your funds also plays a major part. According to a majority of small and medium scale business owners, it is one of the biggest game-changers across industries and states. This is where alternative finance companies like Cresthill Capital come into the picture.

These non-bank funding organizations have fulfilled the financing needs of countless business owners quickly, easily, and with flexible cost structures over the last decade. So, below are examples of 4 types of industries or businesses that can utilize alt-financing at its best:-

1. Trucking Business

No matter if you’re a single truck owner or own shipping fleets on a larger scale, alternative finance has something for everyone. As per recent Cresthill Capital Reviews, trucking business owners are one of the most frequent clients ever since they entered the alt-funding sector. The most popular types of financing utilized by trucking business owners include equipment financing, expansion financing, etc.

2. Nightclubs

If you are a nightclub owner and looking forward to arranging a concert or renovation work, it is best to consider an alternative finance company instead of a bank for your funding needs. There are a number of customized short-term financing offers at prime non-bank funding companies that are perfectly suited for nightclub owners. Also, you need not worry about your credit score as your sales records of the past events will help you prove your credibility much better.

3. Retail Stores

Small and medium scale retail store owners can also make the best use of alternative finance to take their business on another level. Be it an online or a physical retail store, leading non-bank funding companies like Cresthill Capital to provide quick approval on funding applications in order to support their expansion plans, marketing investments, inventories, and so on. Recently, a large number of e-commerce owners have successfully been granted funds for launching new products in the market.

4. Automobile Business

The fondness for cars in every generation is inevitable and that is why the automobile industry will continue to make profits in the market. However, the need for auto repair remains quite constant in the market, an automobile business owner needs to upgrade his store from time to time.

For this, an easy and quick merchant cash advance can do wonders. In fact, if you go through some Cresthill Capital Reviews, you will find out that the larger size of funds can also help such industries in vital upgrading of equipment as well as expansion.

Getting Your Small Business Started On the Right Foot

Lack of funding can be a huge obstacle for a first-time entrepreneur. Getting approval on a funding request is, therefore, an extremely important component to getting a business up and running. According to various reports, a majority of funding applications by small business owners are rejected by banks every day. Thus, the alternative financing industry took the responsibility to bridge this liquidity gap through easy, fast, and flexible funding options for small and medium scale businesses.

Obtaining A Small Business Funding

According to Cresthill Capital Reviews, for most business owners who have just started out, their personal credit history does not play an important role while applying for a merchant cash advance. Unlike the traditional banking system, if you have been regular on your payments consistently and have a positive revenue stream, your application will be considered without any delay. So, those with low or dented credit scores can also get funding for their business expansion and growth plans quite easily now.

Non-Bank financing companies like Cresthill Capital are willing to grant funds if they are confident of your passion, skill, and expertise in the business you are about to grow or expand. You can also employ an individual who is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the entire business process. Finally, a good business plan goes a long way in establishing your credentials as a business owner.

The plan must show the feasibility of the business, the costs involved and how much money can be repaid. All documents pertaining to finances and the business must be provided. Above all the business plan must clearly define the mission and vision statement of your company.

Steps To Marketing Your Small Business

Alternative financing companies like Cresthill Capital need to know exactly what your business is all about and the products and services you intend to provide. The business owner must mention whether they are into manufacturing, selling, retailing, liquidating, research, remanufacturing or remodeling. In the case of sales, adequate information on research, solutions, and analysis must be included.

Business owners need to explain why their company is required and the role it will play in the global market. In terms of competition, lenders must be convinced that your business is unique and vital. Business operations from start to finish need to be clearly detailed in order to throw more insight into how the business intends to operate.

Business owners must also know who their target customer is going to be and how to connect with individuals and turn them into permanent customers. This fact will not only affect the way a product or service is designed but also its pricing, performance, and location. This kind of information will help convince the lender of your strengths and that you truly understand the entire business dynamics.

Cresthill Capital Reviews states that as part of the proposal, a small business owner must show ways to advertise, promote and attract customers in order to increase growth and revenue.

Importance Of Business Financing

Once a business is started and is doing fine, the customer base will eventually grow and the products will be sold at good prices. The owner or the entrepreneur will then have to figure out whether or not to charge lesser than the competitors so as to increase the customer range. Though the business can afford to raise the prices enough to cover tariffs and keep the business model intact, the entrepreneur will have to increase the inventory for orders that came in before changes in prices.

There will then be a need for some quick cash to cover the orders at the price advertised. There is money, however the same has been set aside for taxes and other upcoming expenses. Even if that were to be used, it must be replaced without much delay. Banks won’t help when funds are required at such short notice, what can the entrepreneur do now? Capital funding from non-banking financial institutions come into the picture now and help the entrepreneur get past this hurdle.

The Role Of Capital Funding Companies

Capital funding companies exist to provide merchant cash advances to micro and small businesses to help them get over the rough spots. Their requirements for approval are different than banks and so are their repayment options. Crest Hill Capital LLC is one such company. When they are contacted, they will help meet the shortage of capital.

Cresthill Capital- A Capital Funding Company

Cresthill Capital reviews the revenue stream and the business model to determine if the respective business is viable and therefore a reasonable risk. They will check to see if the customer base of the business is growing, steady or declining. They look at what is being done with the revenue as well. Putting money aside for the potential expansion of the product line, taxes, software or hardware upgrades are all looked at as the sign of a good business.

Once they decide they work with the company to determine how much funding it actually needs, the cost and term as well as the repayment options. The clients should make sure that they do the due diligence and research any capital funding company may consider. Looking up things like Cresthill Capital complaints and to check how unhappy clients were managed in the past to make sure they are picking the best company suited for their business or getting in touch with the Crest Hill capital customer service to clarify all the doubts.

Repayment Options Available

The payment terms in banks are rigid and do not offer merchants the flexibility that they require. Unlike banks, capital funding agencies don’t necessarily prescribe a fixed amount to be paid every month. One of the most common flexible payback options offered by funding companies is split withholding. Here, a percentage of the overall sales are used for periodical paybacks. This option is perfect for smaller businesses as the repayment options offered do not hit as hard.

What Makes Merchant Cash Advance an Effective Funding Solution for Restaurants?

As a restaurant owner, there are probably times when you feel obtaining working capital or growth funding from traditional money lending sources is completely frustrating. Well, you can eliminate frustration and get funding quickly with Cresthill Capital’s alternate merchant capital advance funding solution.

Challenges with Banks

If you’ve ever tried approaching a bank or other traditional money lenders, you know how challenging it can be. Banks and other traditional money lenders consider financing the restaurant industry to be highly risky. Moreover, they give huge weight to a restaurant owner’s credit score to determine eligibility. In case you do have a decent credit score and qualify for financing, the process of funds disbursal can drag for weeks.

Easy Funding With Merchant Cash Advance

Cresthill Capital offers an alternative financing solution – merchant cash advance. The company focuses more on the health of your business rather than on your credit score to determine qualification. They welcome all types of small businesses, including high-risk businesses, belonging to various industry verticals.

In the merchant cash advance funding model, a lender transfers the requested funds directly into the small business owner’s business bank account. In return, the small business owner pledges a portion of future sales on agreed terms till the entire advance amount is paid off.

Suitable Solution for Restaurants

In the merchant cash advance model, there is no collateral and monthly fixed installments are also eliminated. Restaurants are an ideal fit for the cash advance model because they process a huge volume of credit card sales and the advanced amount can be repaid through future credit card sales.

Cresthill Capital reviews are replete with positive customer feedback, indicating that the company is a partner you can rely on. With client-friend solutions such as no-cost application, flexible terms, competitive offers and fast approvals, Crest Hill Capital offers a trouble-free process for working capital or growth funding sourcing.

How Can You Use Funds?

Once you accept the merchant cash advance proposal, the advance is transferred to your business bank account within a short span of time. You can use the funds for any operational or business development activities. For example, you can use funds to buy/ lease the latest kitchen equipment you’ve always wanted.

You can use funds to remodel the dining or pub area of your restaurant. You may consider launching and advertising campaign or updating your website. You may also consider moving to a better location or opening a new branch in a different location.

How to Apply?

Requesting funding online is a simple and straight-forward process. Just fill in the online form, providing basic contact information and details about how long you’ve been in business, the industry you’re operating in, your business’s total average monthly revenue, average monthly credit card processing volume, how much financing you want and how quickly you want it.

You need to have proof of consistent business profitability in the recent past and current scenarios. If you’d like to speak to Cresthill Capital advisors before submitting a request, simply contact the company via phone or online chat!

Successful Business Expansions With Help From Crest Hill Capital LLC

Capital funding companies such as Cresthill Capital help businesses with their daily and long term funding needs. Expansion plans of businesses of their production or operating staff may be difficult if they do not have sufficient funds.

The company should have a clear idea about how much money they need to borrow as this cash advance comes at a cost. They also need to know clearly how they plan to utilize their money and if the return from this investment would be profitable. Having a clear idea of their debts and cost commitments is also necessary before going in for additional cash advance.

Working Capital Solutions With Flexible Terms

Cresthill Capital provides working capital solutions to its ISO and reseller partners. They do not provide funds to start-up companies but only for existing companies for their growth and for their working capital requirements. Crest Hill staff check the current business revenue of their clients and also the revenue over recent months to determine the amount of risk they are undertaking.

There are no charges to apply for the cash advance and once the initial investigation is done, the approval is done fast. They also give you flexible terms with compelling offers that are difficult to refuse. They also adapt their offers according to your cash flow requirements.

Quick Solutions To Cash Requirements

Cresthill Capital reviews will help you to have a clear idea of the reasons why you require additional capital. People start businesses to earn profits but they often get stalled when their cash flow dries up. Crest Hill Capital does not assess a company in the same way that a bank or other traditional lenders do.

Credit scores are only one of the criteria they use to assess whether their customer is creditworthy or not. If they find that the applicant qualifies for their cash advance, then the next steps are done quickly without undue delays and the cash advance is made to the customer.

Seamless Operations With Crest Hill Capital LLC

Cresthill Capital reviews can be obtained from the myriad customers that they have chosen to serve. You can get reviews from people in the trucking industry, automotive, liquor stores, retail stores, nightclubs, and so on. The offer is made to the customers after the company studies their basic documentation and collates some information about their business.

Once the customer agrees to the terms of business, then the transfer is made quickly to the business account of the business owner. It is also mandatory on the part of the business to deliver a certain percentage of future receivables back to Crest Hill Capital. The advantage of using the services of this company is that it allows the seamless operation of your business activities with

Insufficient Working Capital- Your Business Can Still Grow!

Economies are not just dependent on large scale businesses but are also significantly dependent on small and micro-business ventures spread across the country. These are businesses which are perhaps limited to selling a single product or offering a single service and yet develop a brand following within the same.

An advantage with such small/micro business ventures is the requirement of little start-up investment. That said, the ups and downs of the business world are common even for those dealing in micro-businesses. Cash flow crunch, a sudden rise in the cost of raw materials, or numerous other reasons may lead to conditions where additional working capital is needed to run the daily operations of the organization.

This is exactly where capital funding companies or merchant cash advance lenders like Cresthill Capital come to the light. Merchant cash advances do not fall under the state’s usury laws. This is the reason for them to offer higher flexibility to the micro-business owners to manage their cash flow.

So how do capital funding companies help?

When the cash crunch happens, there are practically only a few options left with a micro business venture. Applying to a bank is always a possibility. However, sometimes, the amount needed is too small for a bank to feel interested to deal in the same. Additionally, the payback modes may not work out feasibly thereby restricting the business owner’s options of using the same.

Leading capital funding companies like Cresthill Capital review the overall revenue generation process of the company (since the inception period of the business), to check for steady income generation conditions and cash advance the requisite amount of cash that’s needed to cover the shortfall within the business.

Additionally, these methods of financing are faster than traditional bank systems and are hence great for business owners facing an emergency situation. Further, the method of repayment is more flexible and can be managed from a percentage of the credit card receipts on a daily basis, which is a more comfortable option for most micro business owners.

This is perhaps the reason why leading capital funding companies like Cresthill Capital only focus on considering the daily credit card income of a merchant to determine their payback capacity.

What about payback?

Flexible payback ways are perhaps the biggest advantage of taking cash advance from capital funding companies like Cresthill Capital. It is often as simple as offering a certain percentage of the daily receipts (attained through credit/debit cards) to the funding company. Some business owners, however, prefer to pay a percentage of the monthly receipts along with the cost on the cash advance.

The overall flexibility of the payment is hence a major attraction for business owners who can decide on the terms of repayment based on their comfort. Various terms like split withholding (where credit card sales are split between the merchant and the cash advance lender), ACH withholding and trust bank account withholding are other methods of repayment that the merchants can choose from.

Choosing a lender with liberal business terms

As convenient as the overall process of taking small cash advance from a capital funding company sound, it is always advisable to check out the overall market reputation of the company before deciding to pick one. Check out the organization’s willingness to do business in your field of interest.

Look out for other details like documentation fees, the time taken to transfer the amount to your bank account, etc. Cresthill Capital reviews are perhaps the most positive amongst its customers and are a testimony to the brand’s top ranking within the sector.

What Is a Micro Business?

These days micro-businesses are everywhere. They employ hundreds of thousands of people across the country and are considered essential to the health of the economy. Microbusinesses typically have one owner and no more than five employees.

They frequently concentrate on doing one thing – performing a specific service or selling a specific product. This is how they become known and why they are successful. They concentrate on something that they know well and do well.

Microbusinesses also typically need very little start-up cash depending on what business they are engaged in. But as with any business, even micro-businesses go through periods of time where the cash flow isn’t steady or a cost of their business unexpectedly rises.

It could be as simple as the discontinuation of particular software that they use or a supplier that decides to retire and close their business. It’s times like these where micro-businesses may need a small merchant cash advance.

Cresthill Capital

How Do They Get More Money?

If a micro business needs a cash advance, they could try a bank, but a good micro-business owner will only get what they need and the amount they need may be too small for a bank to deal with. In cases like these, a company like Cresthill Capital can help.

These companies loan small amounts of money to businesses who basically need bridges to cover unexpected shortfalls or needs related to expansion. These companies also will loan funds to companies that have only been in business for short periods of time. This is one reason it is important for micro-businesses to keep meticulous records of where their revenue comes from and where the revenue goes.

When a micro-business owner’s revenue goes directly back into the business the better risk the business is for a capital funding company. For example, Cresthill Capital reviews the revenue streams since the business started, if it’s new.

They look to see if the income is fairly steady, if it has increased since the business’s inception or during the review period, and they look at the expenses the business has and how the revenue has been used to address that. All of this goes into a funding company’s funding decision.

cresthill capital micro business

How Does It Get Paid Back?

Another advantage of getting loans through a capital funding company is that they offer flexible ways to pay back the loan. For a business that takes credit or debit cards, they could offer that a certain percentage of the daily receipts be paid to the funding company through an agreement with the POS company that handles the transactions.

It could also just agree to payment of a percentage of monthly receipts directly from the business owner. Naturally, there is also interest added to the original loan, but with the flexible repayment terms, it can be minimized by the payment plan that is agreed upon. The best reason for going through a capital funding company is because the funds you need can be in your bank account within hours of signing the contracts.

Just make sure you check out any funding company you go with and look for any problems they may have. For example, look up any Cresthill Capital complaints first, so you know you have picked the best company around!

All About Non-Bank Financial Institutions

Non-bank financial institutes are those who do not have a banking license and they are not permitted to accept deposits from the public. They do, however, offer other services line financial consulting, money transmission, check to cash, risk pooling and brokering and investment. Cresthill Capital is an example of the non-bank financial institute and they actually offer competition to banks.

They help small businesses that require working capital. They are ready to finance most businesses except start-ups and they are not very keen to finance new ventures. The processing required by banks is not required and they do not ask for collateral. They are welcome to undertake high-risk investments. Loans are approved quickly without much hassle.

Easy Funding Available For Small Businesses

Banks do not offer funds easily and it can be challenging to get adequate capital when necessary. Financial institutions like Cresthill Capital are more eager to process any financial requests. Their most important priority is to ensure that funds are provided to their customers.

They have a very straight forward application and submission process which makes them the first choice for all those successful business service providers. They have a very efficient and effective team that ensures that they connect directly to their customers and provide them with all that is required as quickly as possible.

Reasons For The Popularity Of Cresthill Capital

This efficiency assures that Cresthill Capital reviews remain positive. They are willing to offer financial solutions to businesses of all sizes and types. They offer all kinds of financing programs that are flexible and hence they will work well for businesses with different risk and credit assessments.

Another reason for their popularity is their quick response to all the applications. This assures the client that they value their time. They are capable of handling any amount of funding request and this is another reason why they are so popular.

Dependable And Flexible Financing Options For Small Businesses

It is always difficult for small businesses to get good funding from banks, even though they are unable to do much without the funding. So, when financial institutions do offer finance it is a big blessing. Institutes like Cresthill Capital offer a wide range of programs and this helps the owners of small businesses to access competitive yet dependable and flexible financing options.

Cresthill Capital clients have few complaints against them since they have a very good team that have access to all the technology and tools that are necessary and strategic partnerships as well as a creative edge.